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jeudi 19 février 2015

Jeudi 19 février vers 14h

ghosts, phantoms, etc.

par Henri

Shellac / Ghosts (session)
Wolf Parade / Same Ghost Every Night
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness / The Ghost
Suicide / Ghost Rider
Songs : Ohia / Not Just A Ghost’s Heart
Tim Koch / Ghost Tax
Roy Paci / Skit#4 Ghost Ship
Japan / Ghosts
Frank Sinatra / I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance
Illum Sphere / Ghosts And Then Now
Fuck Button / Phantom Limb
Phantom Band / Phantom Drums
Albert Ayler / Quintet Ghosts Snook
Richard Dawson / The Ghost Of A Tree
Madness / (Waiting For The) Ghost Train
Mazzy Star / Ghost Highway
Echoes Of Ghost / The Phantom Light
Bajram Bili / Apartment For A Young Ghost
Blaak Heat Shujaa / Ghost Track
The Water Between Us / Ghosts Of Moorland
Jim O’Rourke / Ghost Ship In A Storm
Fred Frith / Dependable Phantoms (For Hans)
Meredith Monk / Phantom Waltz pour deux pianos
Ludwig Von Beethoven / Ghost Trio : Allegro Vivace, Largo Assai, Presto
Georges Brassens / Le Fantôme
Howe Gelb / Broken Bird & The Ghost River
Scud Mountain Boys / Holy Ghost
Junip / The Ghost Of Tom Joad
Johnny Cash / (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
Brother Sun, Sister Moon / Ghost Of Barry Mill
Daniel Johnston / Casper, The Friendly Ghost