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Votre don de soutien à JET
vendredi 20 janvier 2012

Katharsis, vendredi 20 janvier 2012

PLAYLIST 20/01/2012 :

Album de la semaine : ARCKANUM "Helvítismyrkr"

Groupe Titre Album label

  1. AIRBAG All rights removed All rights removed Karisma recs
  2. ARCKANUM Helvitt Helvítismyrkr Season of Mist
  3. PROPHECY Don’t fuckin’ mess with Texas Don’t fuckin’ mess with Texas Prophecy recs
  4. AMNEGA Known unto god Red bracelet Autoproduit
  5. ZEBARGES La java triste mais jolie quand même Stay barges or die !!! Autoproduit
  6. SINTECH Narbenacker Schlampenfeuer Blacksmith recs
  7. CHRYSEIS Twilight of the mutants Planet dead Great dane recs
  8. KLONE Monster The eye of needle Klonosphere
  9. LIVARKAHIL In light we die Signs of decay Listenable
  10. EBONYLAKE Amethyst lung concerto In swathes of brooding light Ladlo prods
  11. EATING SHIT Bluefin tuna Bon appétit Torn flesh recs
  12. EATING SHIT Puke me I’m famous Bon appétit Torn flesh recs
  13. SCORPIONS Rock you like a hurricane Comeblack Sony BMG
  14. ALL DOGMAS WE HATE Born to lose Back to reality M & O music
  15. ANATHEMA Sleep in sanity  Falling deeper Kscope