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Votre don de soutien à JET
lundi 15 janvier 2018

Lundi 15 janvier 2018 vers 14h05

par Henri

The Recyclers / Minaret (Davout, DStream 2018)
Andy Cooper / A New Dawn (The Layered Effect, Rockafort Records 2018)
Ty / Raindrops (A Work of Heart, Re:freshed 2018)
Slove feat. Maud Geffray / Ce soir je m’en vais (Le Touch, Pschent 2018)
Darwin feat. Juliet Moon / Making It Hard (Lost e.p. Cascade records 2018)
Who Made Who / Funeral Show (Through the Walls, Embassy Of Music 2018)
Bradford / A Wounding (Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly, A Turntable Friend Records 2018)
Saint Sadrill / To Go To Go To Go (Building Lampshades, Dur & Doux records 2016)
Doctor Flake / Main Street (Divagations, New Deal 2018)
The Scaners / No Place In Space (The Scaners, Dirty Water Records, Adrenalin Fix Music, Casbah Records, Dangerhouse Skylab, Teenage Hate Records, Stryckhnine Recordz & Trokson Records 2018)
Derribos Arias / A Fluor (compilation La Contra Ola, Synth Wave Post Punk d’Espagne. 1980-86, Les Disques Bongo Joe 2018)
The Cavemen / Rock ’n’ Roll Retard (The Cavemen, Dirty Water Records 2018)
Greyfell / Spirit Of The Bear (Horsepower, Atypeek Music 2018)

après 15h :
Easy / A Picture (A Heartbeat From Eternity, A Turntable Friend Records 2018)
Milkilo / Mémoires (Atlas, Atypeek Music 2018)
An Early Bird / Of Ghosts and Marvels (Warning Signs e.p., 2018)
Hegarty / Drifting, Slowly Sinking (Selling Your Soul To Sanity, 2018)
Brickwork Lizards / Old Fashioned Song (Haneen, Lazima Records 2018)
Aul / Neverending (Uto, Red Brick Chapel 2018)
OOAME / Of Petals & Bytes (Milanese Nwas, Acustronica 2018)

ensuite, à partir de 15h45, c’est la rediffusion de cette programmation.