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Votre don de soutien à JET
mardi 27 septembre 2016

Mardi 27 septembre vers 13h15

par Henri

Yair Yona / Seven Days In Complete Darkness (Sword, 2016)
Larsen / Test 1-10 (Of Grog Vim, Important records 2016)
Laish / Song For Everything (Pendulum Swing, Talitres 2016)
Other Houses / Fabulous Dates (Fabulous Dates, Aagoo Recrds 2016)
J&L Defer / Johnny, Dream (No Map, Exploding In Sound Records 2016)
TwoMonkeys / Troubling (Whatt ?, Villa Recordings 2016)
Massive Attack / Be Thankful For What You Got (Blue Line, Wild Bunch 1991)
Sixth Minor / Thalamus (Amygdalae, Megaphone records 2016)

vers 14h :
Moe / Letters Of Pliny (Examination Of The Eye Of A Horse, Wallace/Conrad Sound 2016)
Self Evident / In Cowardice (We Built A Fortress On Short Notice, Doubleplusgood 2016)
Anja Kowalski / Nebelland (Wolke, Naff rekordz 2016)
Trupa Trupa / Getting Older (Headache, Ici D’Ailleurs 2016)
Cornershop / Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again (When I Was Born The 7th Time, Wiija 1997)
Feu Robertson / On The Boundary (Sticky Situations With Troubles, Partycul System 2016)
Motorama / Deep (Dialogues, Talitres 2016)
The Cure / Play For Today (Seventeen Seconds, Fiction 1981)
Adam Carpet / Just In Case Of Wanting To Be Famous (Parabolas, Irma Records 2016)
The Bronzed Chorus / Decollage - Widdley Wah (’til The Break Of Dawn) (Summering, Doubleplusgood records 2016)

vers 15h pour finir :
Tindersticks / Hey Lucinda feat. Lhasa (The Waiting Room, 2016)