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jeudi 2 juillet 2015

jeudi 02 juillet vers 14h

Aqua vacuum

par Henri

Elis Regina & Tom Jobim / Aguas De Março (Elis & Tom, Philips 1974)
Dizzy Gillespie / Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) (Dizzy On The French Riviera, Philips 1962)
Salvatore Adamo / Oui La Mer...A Verse Tant D’Amour Dans Le Creux De Ses Vagues Le Temps D’Un Été (45 tours, La Voix De Son Maitre 1969)
The Kinks / Holiday In Waikiki (Face To Face, Pye Records 1966)
Elvis Presley / Harem Holiday (Harum Scarum, RCA Victor 1965)
The Tornadoes / Bustin’ Surfboard (BO Pulp Fiction, MCA 1994)
King Krule / Ocean Bed (6 Feet Beneath The Moon, XL Recordings 2013)
Midget ! / Low Water (Lumière D’En Bas, We Are Unique ! Records 2012)
Bee Gees / Holiday (Bee Gees 1st, Atco Records1967)
The Beach Boys / Holidays (Smile Sessions, Capitol 2011)
Moondog / Surf Session in three parts, II : duet (Pastorale Suite/Surf Session, SMC Pro-Arte 1953)
Sidi Touré / L’eau, The Water (Alafia, Thrill Jockey 2013)
Le Coq / La Mer Est Basse Devant Nous (Chaconnes, Holistique 2013)
Jim White / Still Waters (The Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted Wrong-Eyed Jesus, Luaka Bop1997)
Ananda Shankar / Sagar (The Ocean) (Ananda Shankar, Reprise 1970)
La Rumeur / Pas D’Vacances (Troisième Volet : Le Bavard & Le Paria, FUAS Records 1999)
KRS One & Saul Williams / Ocean Within (BO Slam, Immortal Records 1998)
Timo Lassy / Undecided (Love Bullet, Must Have Jazz 2015)
Mark Hollis / Watershed (Mark Hollis, Polydor 1998)
Low / Over The Ocean (The Curtain Hits The Cast, Tugboat 1996)
The Velvet Underground / Ocean (Loaded, Cotillon 1970)
Pan American / Lights On Water (Quiet City, Kranky 2004)
Mansfield TYA / Logic Coco (NYX, Vicious Circle 2011)
Gonjasufi / Holidays (A Sufi And A Killer, Warp 2009)
Metronomy / Holiday (Nights Out, Because 2008)
Laraaji / I Am Ocean (Celestial Music 1978-2011, All Saints 2013)
Arlt / Revoir La Mer (La Langue, Not On Label 2010)
Karl Blau / Ode To Ocean (Between The Waves, K Records 2006)
This Is The Kit / Waterproof (Wriggle Out The Restless, Dreamboat Records 2010)
Henry Mancini / Party Poop (BO The Party, RCA Victor 1968)
Léo Ferré / Tu Sors Souvent La Mer (Ferré 64, Barclay 1964)
Nina Simone / Take Me To The Water (compilation Ne Me Quitte Pas, Verve 2000)
Alice Coltrane / Oceanic Beloved (A Monastic Trio, Impulse ! 1968)
Colin Stetson / A Dream Of Water (New History Warfare vol.2 Judges, Constellation 2011)
Sole / Teepee On The Highway (Selling Live Water, Anticon 2003)
Vangelis O. Papathanassiou / La Petite Fille Et La Mer (L’Apocalypse des Animaux, Polydor 1973)
Flotation Toy Warning / Happy 13 (Buffer’s Guide To The Flight Deck, Talitres 2004)
Fleet Foxes / Grown Ocean (Helplessness Blues, Sub Pop 2011)
The Incredible String Band / The Water Song (The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter, Elektra 1968)
Pale Saints / Reflections From A Watery World (Throwing Back The Apple e.p. 4AD 1992)
The Field Mice / Indian Ocean (So Said Kay e.p. Sarah Records 1990)
L’Affaire Louis Trio / La Mer Est Encore Là (Mobilis In Mobile, Universal 1993)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Water’s Edge (Push The Sky Away, Mute 2012)
John Adams / Judah To Ocean (Kronos Quartet, John’s Book of Alleged Dances/Gnarly Buttons, Nonesuch 1998)

une : Yves Klein