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lundi 5 septembre 2016

lundi 05 septembre vers 14h

par Henri

Philip Glass & Robert Wilson / Knee Play I - Act I Scene I Train (Einstein On The Beach, CBS 1979)
François De Roubaix / L’Adieu A L’Antarctique (L’Antarctique, inédit 1974, in Le Monde Électronique de François De Roubaix, Universal Jazz 2004)
Live Footage / View From A Desert Helicopter (Moods Of The Desert e.p. Planetarium Records 2016)
Ensemblio / Mortality (Mortality, pfMENTUM 2016)
Coleman Hawkins / I’ll Never Be The Same (The Hawk Relaxes, Prestige 1961)
Rafi / Si Te Pudiera Decir (Peratu, Rafi 2015)
Leonard Cohen / Ballad Of The Absent Mare (Recent Songs, Columbia 1979)

vers 15h :
Julie London / Yours (Quiéreme Mucho) (Julie London sings Latin In A Satin Mood, Liberty 1962)
Fantôme / Rêve Érotique (Nabie, Nuun Records 2016)
Dion DiMucci / P.S. I Love You (Alone With Dion, Laurie label 1961)
Vagina Town / I Wanna Be Your Puppy (11 Love Songs, Kythibong Records 2016)
Elvis Presley / Crawfish (King Creole, RCA Victor 1958)
Khompa / Wrong Time Wrong Place (The Shape Of Drums To Come, Monotreme Records 2016)
DBStraBe / Mascarade (Initial, BDPES Prod 2016)
Fauna Twin / Edge Of The Cain (The Hydra e.p. Crammed Discs 2016)
Less Win / Mare (Trust, The Big Oil Recording Company 2016)
Roncea & The Monkey Tree / A Place To Stay (Roncea & The Tree Money Tree, Electric Cave/Canalese Noise 2016)
Emily Jane White / Moulding (They Moved In Shadow All Together, Talitres 2016)
Facteurs Chevaux / Les Renards (La Maison Sous Les Eaux, La Grange Aux Belles 2016)
Simon & Garfunkel / The Boxer (Bridge Over Troubled Water, Columbia 1970)
Jackson C. Frank / Heartbreak Hotel (The Complete Recordings Vol.2, Bada Bing Records 2015)

puis vers 16h le Saturnia Pyri #35