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lundi 14 septembre 2015

lundi 14 septembre vers 13h

par Henri

Ignatus / Déchirement (L’Air Est Différent, Ignatub 1997)
Curtis Mayfield / Give Me Your Love (Love Song) (7", Buddah Records, 1972)
Bertrand Belin / Folle Folle Folle (Cap Waller, Cinq 7 2015)
Doug Hream Blunt / Gentle Persuasion (My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt, Luaka Bop 2015)
Tyler The Creator feat. Aaron Shaw and Samantha Nelson / 2seater (Cherry Bomb, Odd Future Records 2015)
The Bug feat. Burro Banton / Zim Zim Zim (12", Big Dada 2015)
The World / Drugs (The World, Kythibong 2015)
The Chap / Joy In Depression (The Show Must Go, Lo Recordings 2015)
Le Bâtiment / Stevie Wonder (Vous Arrivez Trop Tard, Objet Disque 2015)
She Owl / Nanna (Animal Eye, 2015)
Lloyd Cole / Slight Orchestra (1D Electronics 2012-2014, Tapete Records 2015)
Kendrick Lamar / Wesley’s Theory (To Pimp a Butterfly, Top Dawg Entertainment 2015)
Lee Bannon / Aga (Pattern Of Excel, Ninja Tune 2015)
Noël Akchoté / Lonely Woman (Plays the music of Ornette Coleman, Noël Akchoté 2015)
Schmieds Puls / You Can Go Now (I Care A Little Less About Everything Now, Seayou Records 2015)
Foreign Diplomats / Drunk Old Paul (And His Wild Thing) (Foreign Diplomats, Indica 2015)
Lambchop / Give Me Your Love (What Another Man Spills, Merge 1998)
Robert Forster / Love Is Where It Is (Songs To Play, Tapete records 2015)

une : Show Me Your Love by oO-Rein-Oo