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Votre don de soutien à JET
lundi 15 septembre 2014

lundi 15 septembre vers 14h

par Henri

Thee Verduns / Sunday You Need Love, Monday Be Alone (Le catéchisme de la Joie, La Vie Entière, Kizmiaz Records 2014)
Allah-Las / Artifact (Worship The Sun, Innovative Leisure 2014)
Hello Bye Bye / Voices (Everlasting Journey, All You Need 2014)
Pastoral Division / Au Cinéma (Pastoral Division, Les Disques Anonymes 2014)
Diplo (& Alvaro) / 6th Gear (Random White Dude Be Everywhere, Mad Decent 2014)
Rich Aucoin / Yelling In Sleep (Ephemeral, Platinum 2014)
Atari Teenage Riot / J. One M. One (Andrew Weartherall remix, Modern Liars e.p. DHR 2014)
Gwenno / Calon Peiriant (Y Dydd Olaf, Peski Records 2014)
Great International Audio Streaming Orchestra / Live at Nadir Festival Bandits-mages - Bourges (G.I.A.S.O. Fibrr III Records 2014)
Anubis / Dead Trees (Hitchhiking To Byzantium, Anubis 2014)

vers 15h :
The Sevens Collective / The Levy Fligh (A Too Much Divided Heart, Beat-lactam Ring records 2014)
Tijuana Panthers / NOBO (Wayne Interest, Innovative Leisure 2014)
C’mon Tigre / A World Of Wonder (C’mon Tigre, 2014)
Greys / Cold Soak (If Anything, Carpark Records 2014)
Cotton Buds / Mlle Juliette (45 tours, In My Bed 2014)

et après 15h30 rediffusion de ceci