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Votre don de soutien à JET
lundi 17 août 2015

lundi 17 août vers 13h

par Henri

Bill Evans / My Foolish Heart (The Complete Live At The Village Vanguard 1961, Riverside 2003)
Serge Gainsbourg / La Noyée (1994, Les Inédits, Intégrale Gainsbourg Forever, Philips 2003)
John Cage / Three Songs : II. Is It As It Was (piano, Alexei Lubimov, chant, Natalia Pschenitschnikova, As It Is, ECM New Series 2012)
Arno / Get Up Stand Up (Brussld, Naïve 2010)
Bob Marley & The Wailers / Jungle Dub (Keep On Skanking, Fifty Five Records 1967)
Mathieu Boogaerts / Je Me Détend (Super, Remark 1995)
Stanley Beckford / Three Little Birds (Plays Mento, Barclay 2002)
Adanèh Tèka / Bob Marley (Tètchawèt !, Ethiopiques volume 2, Buda Musique 1997)
Pascal Comelade / The Blank Invasion Of Schizophonic (Psicòtic Music´ Hall, Delabel 2002)
The Who / Won’t Get Fooled Again (Who’s Next, Track Records 1971)
Ride / Leave Them All Behind (Going Blank Again, Creation Records 1992)
Lee Bannon / Good Swimmer (Pattern Of Excel, Ninja Tune 2015)
Low / Sunshine (I Could Live In Hope, Vernon Yard 1994)
Fred Poulet / Pininfarina (Dix Ans De Peinture, Saravah 1998)
Arab Strap / New Birds (Philophobia, Chemikal Underground 1998)
Mogwaï / Waltz For Aidan (Come On Die Young, Chemikal Underground 1999)
Anonyme / Nos Esprits Libres et Contents (Lutz Kirchhof, Marie Claude Vallin & Max van Egmond, Airs de Cour du XVIIe siècle, Vivarte/Sony 1993)
The Apartments / Looking For Another Town (No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal, Microcultures 2015)
Chet Baker / Chetty’s Lullaby (single 1962, Chet Is Back ! The Italian Session, RCA Victor 1996)
Billy Paul / Me And Mrs Jones (360 Degrees Of Billy Paul, Philiadelphia International Records 1972)
Amon Tobin / Nova (Permutation, Ninja Tune 1998)
Jean-Louis Murat / Le Mendiant à Rio (Le Manteau de Pluie, Virgin 1991)
Arto Lindsay / Complicity (Mundo Civilizado, Rykodisc 1996)
Smoke City / Devil Mood (Flying Away, Jive 1997)
The Notwist / Electric Bear (Shrink, Vicious Circle 1998)
Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass / Ragas In Minor Scale (Passages, Private Music 1990)
Asian Dub Foundation / Tu Meri (Facts And Fiction, Nation Records 1995)
Zenzile / Dub Vendetta (Sachem In Salem, Crash Disques 1999)
The Stranglers / Nice n’ Sleazy (Black & White, United Artist Records 1978)
The Districts / 4th and Roebling (A Flourish And A Spoil, Fat Possum 2015)
Diabologum / A Découvrir Absolument (#3, Lithium 1996, réédition Ici D’Ailleurs 2015)
Tortoise / White Water (7", Soul Static Sound ‎1995)
Death In Vegas / Hands Around My Neck (Scorpio Rising, Concrete 2002)
Jane Weaver / Don’t Take My Soul (The Silver Globe + Amber Light, Finders Keepers Records 2015)
Thundercat / Song For The Dead (The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam, Brainfeeder 2015)
Miles Davis / Will O’ The Wisp (Sketches Of Spain, Columbia 1960)
Antonio "El Agujetas / Bulerías (2 Gritos de Libertad, Big Bang/Last Call 1998)
Björk / So Broken (single Joga, One Little Indian 1997)
Up, Bustle & Out / Carbine 744, 520... Che Guevara (Rebel radio Master, session 1, Ninja Tune 1999)
Françoise Hardy / La Fin De L’Eté (Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp, Disques Vogue 1967)
Robert Forster / I Love Myself (And I Always Have) (Songs To Play, Tapete Records 2015)

une : Ophelia, John Everett Millais (1851-1852), Tate Britain, London