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Votre don de soutien à JET
lundi 25 janvier 2016

lundi 25 janvier vers 13h

par Henri

Stranded Horse / My Name Is Carnival (Luxe, Talitres 2016)
Doulce Mémoire & Kudsi Erguner Ensemble / Pour Délaisser Tristesse (la Porte De Félicité - Constantinople 1453, Zig-Zag Territoires 2012)
Brian Eno / By This River (Before And After Science, Island 1977)
Troy Von Balthazar / Manic High (Knights of something, Vicious Circle 2016)
Cat Power / What Would The Community Think (What Would The Community Think, Matador 1996)
Le Coq / Comme Un Téléfilm D’FR3 (La Fenêtre, Nada 1999)
Nick Drake / Way To Blue (Five Leaves Left, Island 1969)
Arvo Pärt / Festina Lente (Miserere, ECM New Series 1991)
Régis Boulard / Sprayer From Robert (La Machine Couchée, Signature/Radio France 2016)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Higgs Boson Blues (Live from KCRW, Bad Seed Ltd 2013)
Gregory Rogove / Young Mountain remixed by Devendra Banhart (Piana Remix, Knitting Factory Records 2012)
House Of Wolves / Love (Daughter Of The Sea, Dusk, Dais, Dawn 2016)
Sixtoo Rodriguez / I Think Of You (Coming From Reality, Sussex 1971 réédition Light In The Attic 2009)
Tim Buckley / Hallucinations - Troubadour (The Peel Sessions, 1968, Strange Fruit 1990)
Jackson C. Frank / My Name Is Carnival (Jackson C. Frank, Columbia 1965 & réédition The Complete Recordings vol.1 Ba Da Bing ! Recordings 2015)

une : Francis Picabia