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Votre don de soutien à JET
lundi 30 mai 2016

lundi 30 mai vers 13h

par Henri

Mat Piche / Voitures (Être Vivant, Mat Piche 2016)
Tangerine / Cat (Leitmotiv, 1Name4aCrew 2016)
Daniela Savoldi / Viaggi (Trasformazioni, Daniela Savoldi 2016)
Colin Stetson / Sorrow part II (Sorrow, a reimagining of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony, Colin Stetson 2016)
Bouaziz / Loin (Haïkus, Ici d’Ailleurs 2016)
Low / Born By The Wires (Songs For A Dead Pilot, Kranky 1997)
Matthieu Prual / Hors-la (Inside Walks, Creative Sources Recordings 2016)
Christine Ott / Disaster (Only Silence Remains, Gizeh Records 2016)
Emily Jane White/ Rupturing (They Moved In Shadow All Together, Talitres 2016)
BD Harrington / Early Morning Eye (The Diver’s Curse, Microcultures 2016)
Teresa Mascianà / I Need You Now (I Need You Now e.p. Long Tale Recordings 2016)
Silvain Vanot / Ma Siamoise (Ithaque, 03h50 2016)
Bi-Ki ? / Grand Bassin / Attaques Inversées (Quelque Chose au Milieu, Circum Disc 2016)
Ruppert Pupkin / Save U (Run, Microcultures 2016)
Hheaven / Gasping In The Frabric (A Single Rose, Aagoo records 2016)
Chapelier Fou / Trees (Kalia e. p. Ici D’Ailleurs 2016)
Flavien Berger / Je Pleure Tout Le Temps (16 Visions of Ex-Futur, Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul, covers & reworks of songs from Ex-Futur Album, Crammed Disc 2016)

après 15h :
Pashmak / Collision (Indigo e.p. Pashmak 2016)
Petter Carlsen / Pull The Brakes (You Go Bird, Function Records 2016)
Old Mountain Station / My Eyes Were Heavy (Shapes, We Are Unique ! Records 2016)
William Wilson / A Scar Is Born (Whispers : A Scar Is Born, Seahorse Recordings 2016)
Melody’s Echo Chamber / You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me (Melody’s Echo Chamber, Domino 2012)
The Conformists / Meow (Divorce, Aagoo records 2016)
John Matmeson / Looping Nantes (Remember Brocéliande, John Matmeson 2016)