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Votre don de soutien à JET
vendredi 24 juin 2016

Dimanche 27 juin 2016 à 20h

Radia Show 586 : The Clash of Civilizations by Lefterna & sound_00 for Kanal 103 Skopje (Macédoine)

par Anne Laure

A 20h :

Show 586 : The Clash of Civilizations by Lefterna & sound_00 (Kanal 103 Skopje)

“The survival of the West depends on Americans reaffirming their Western identity and Westerners accepting their civilization as unique The New Era in World Politics universal and uniting to renew and preserve it against challenges from non-Western societies.

Avoidance of a global war of civilizations depends on world leaders accepting and cooperating to maintain the multicivilizational character of global politics.”

A 20h30 : l’archive

Show 286 : Personal Number Station By Disphilharmonia Sounds

Initially, we are a laptop quartet of five individuals, one robot (barely automated, slightly sentient) and four fleshy humans. Furthermore we host a radio show on Kanal 103 in Macedonia which usually contains much of what we do in our separate electronic production projects, alternative ego’s, or what we do with Disphilharmonia. Since music is taken very lightly lately, we consider that the act of listening to music/sounds should return to a more primitive time where it represents a totem, a symbol of gathering around which special attention should be invested. Our live performances attempt to create this effect by accentuating the visual part, forcing audience to participate with more senses, ritualizing the act of listening music. This time, for Radia, we prepared an almost fake Numbers Station ( live, that relays a secret message, when converted/cracked and sent to our mail, results in access to not-yet-released materials of Disphilharmonia and/or affiliates. Visit for more free downloadable music, videos, info, crickets, cake and everything.